Priceless - Sesame Street’s "I Love My Hair"

When I first saw Sesame Street’s "I Love My Hair" video, (yes, I admit proudly that I watched it several times and even shared it via Twitter) I actually laughed with delight and yes, sang along very loudly I might add.

As a writer of a mystery/adventure book geared towards teen and tween girls, I write from the perspective of what I refer to as “Girl Power” really girl self-esteem and I think that the "I Love My Hair" video cuts to the core of just that, a priceless message for ethnic young girls that in my mind says, “Love who you are because you are absolutely beautiful”.

I really want to thank the puppeteer and Sesame Street head writer Joey Mazzarino for writing such a positive message via song.

So, now my question is “When can I get the song on iTunes?” just asking and I hope you are too.