I Have Giveaways - Do You Want To Win Them?


I have several cool giveaway packages which include a copy of my book (not an arc), key chain, and t-shirt that I would love to share. I will be giving away several giveaway packages in February. I will be conducting several contests via Facebook and Twitter.

On Facebook you will need to post the phrase as your status. I will need you to email me the link to your Facebook status. Email to ggirlsadventure@gmail.com

On Twitter you will need to tweet the specific phrase. Retweet’s will not count as a entry. You must @TLClarke_TLC on every entry.

The phrase must be exact.

Only one entry per day, per twitter account. At the end of the week, I will take all the entries and pick (1) one winner. Each winner will receive a giveaway package (book, key chain, t-shirt).

The contest for “The Secret of the Scarlet Stone” starts today. I will announce the winners here on the 5th of February.

This week’s phrase is:

I love The Secret of the Scarlet Stone by @TLClarke_TLC. Have you read it?