Twisted TEASER #1 - Blood Oath!

Here’s to excellent beginnings. So here it is, a scene from Blood Oath (A Gabby Girls Adventure #2)…

My hand shot out, preventing Jessica from toppling off her bed in a heap. “Boys?” Jessica’s voice squeaked. “I mean, are you sure?”

Rosalinda bounced up and down excitedly like she had won some sort of beauty contest. “Yes, I’m sure, chicos—boys! Aren’t you so excited?”

Jessica’s pale face flushed as she looked at her like she was crazy. “Duh, do I look excited, Rosalinda?” She tugged at her duck-printed pajama top and bottom self-consciously.

We all knew how self-conscious she was about being a little chubby, a problem only heightened by her stepmonster’s constant guilt trip about dropping weight via nasty weekly text messages. Jessica didn’t need this added pressure of being around hormonal guys looking for stick-thin Neophyte Circle perfection.

I gave her a playful push. “Jess, there’s nothing wrong with you. Curvy is way in,” I replied playfully.

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