YA Kick-Butt Characters Blog Hop!

Welcome to the 
YA Kick-Butt Characters Blog Hop


Here's what I have for grab:

Two books, yes that's right, not one but two books with the wickedest kick-butt characters around. I call it the ‘YA Dynamic Duo’ Kick-Butt Characters package.


The ‘YA Dynamic Duo’ Kick-Butt Characters package:

Name of Kick-Butt Character: Gabrielle (aka Gabi)
Blood Oath: A Gabby Girls Adventure Novel [Paperback] by T.L. Clarke

Name of Kick-Butt Character: Rose
Last Sacrifice: A Vampire Academy Novel [Paperback] by Richelle Mead

One winner gets the ‘YA Dynamic Duo’ Kick-Butt Characters package. It’s that simple, so get going and enter for your chance to win!


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