Blood Oath.....Playlist - Character Remix!

It's Friday remix party time and I'm starting something new. Every Friday I'm going to do something I call the "Blood Oath" Character Remix, songs for different scenes in BLOOD OATH. So don't be afraid to dance along....I'm not watching, I promise ;-)

BLOOD OATH (book #2) - available here!

Chapter: 15 | Scene: Horae Party

Character: Gabrielle (Gabi)
Song: Beyoncé - "Run The World (Girls)"

Character:  Brooklyn (Brook)
Song: Britney Spears - "Till the World Ends"

Character:  Jessica (Jess)
Song: Carly Rae Jepsen - "Call Me Maybe"

Character:  Zora (Zo)
Song: Rihanna - "Disturbia"

Character:  Rosalinda (Rosa)
Song: Hit The Lights - Selena Gomez