First 5 Chapters Blog Tour - Arazi Crossing Quinn's Evolution by Carolyn Hockley!

You download the volume of your chosen genre and can then decide which books you love enough to buy. The first volume features six authors who write YA Fantasy:

Carolyn Hockley - Arazi Crossing
KaSonndra Leigh – When Copper Suns Fall
Mary Ting – Crossroads
Starr West – Tomorrows Child
Lenore Wolfe – The Fallen One
Patti Roberts – Paradox – The Angels Are Here

Arazi Crossing Quinn's Evolution by Carolyn Hockley
Five teens, seemingly average kids from five different countries across the globe, are anything but ordinary. When approached by their ‘Luminares’, or guardians, and each presented with a small copper box, life gets interesting. These ‘Luminares’ are adults who have been in their lives since they were born – watching, guarding, protecting the teens until the day when the Arazi Royals need them. Brought together and zipped off to a new, unknown world, the teens are told of their true destinies. Accepting their new futures, Quinn, Maya, Janus, April and Juina must travel together, back in history, and help each other fulfill their own personal quests. Will these five teens become the new Royals of Arazi Crossing? Will they stand together, united for Good against a multitude of Evil forces? For the future of the human race… we hope so.

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