The wild side of writing…literally

I’m excited, bubbly (yep, the New York girl actually used the word ‘bubbly’) and really thinking about my secret project, writing Adult Fiction. Paranormal, romance, multicultural stories that shows the rugged, raw side of my writing personality---unleashed.

I've been wrestling with writing my preteen/teen series. I finally realized that my struggle was with being true to my writer’s voice--my Adult voice, and channeling it in my writing. And as much as I love MG/YA books, I also love Adult paranormal, contemporary romance Fiction. These are the books that I read and want to write. Books in the paranormal realm that feature diverse characters….books that deal with the after 18 realities, the complexities and angst of adulthood, first relationships, bad relationships, and the struggle for independence. 

So, no more fighting the natural progression into the Adult Fiction world. It’s time for me to soar like the eagle to a new phase in my writing.

This is an exciting time, it’s time to soar and I hope that you’re ready for the ride.

Psst…look out for my upcoming Giveaways, ARCs, swag, etc.