Character Highlight - Infinity

Infinity (Valkyries: Soaring Raven)

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Name: Infinity
Age: 22
Favorite color: Fuchsia
Favorite food: Thai

·         Boulder Vigari
·         Ravens
·         Guy-candy
·         Her career
·         New York
·         Music
·         Partying and drinking
·         Her fans
·         To see the media squirm
·         Rejuvenators

·         Paparazzi
·         Göll (the Raven)
·         The Collective Corporation
·         Mason controlling her career and life
·         Torch Channing
·         The celebrity feeding frenzy
·         Ridiculous celebrity parties

Excerpt (conversation between Infinity and Boulder):
“Well, nice to meet you, Boulder. I’m happy to have you securing my body.”

Who would play them in a movie: Rihanna