Join My Street Team

Join My Street Team!

I'm looking for fans of my books to help me promote them. The best promotion is word of mouth.

A Street Team is a group of wonderful people who help an author by spread the word about their books, normally by posting on your social networks about them or sharing/retweeting posts by the author, posting a review online at major websites or on your blog if you're a professional reviewer, talking on groups and message boards about my books, and telling your friends. And in return, you get some special perks.

Who can become a member of my Street Team?
I'm looking for people with review blogs, who talk regularly on book related message boards, groups and pages, or who talk regularly about books on their social networks.

What can I expect from you?
I’m looking for a team of supportive readers who will post honest reviews of my books, talk about them on their social networks, and help me with things like growing my newsletter subscribers, blog followers and social network reach by recommending your friends and fellow readers to my books. In essence, I want your help spreading the word about my books.

What do you expect from us?
The chance to read ARCs of my books for review, get your hands on book goodies and other rewards such as exclusive prize draws.

If you'd like to join or are interested in learning more, you can check it out HERE.